Reflection Paper On Live Dance

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This was my first time attending a live dance performance so I did not know what to truly aspect, but as I entered I saw everyone settled in their seats as their eyes were glued to the stage awaiting the performance of a lifetime. The first dance was very fast paced, as many of the dancer’s movements were very short, sudden and sharp. They used very sharp accents with their body as well as their hands. They were very well organized as to a few seemed to be off beat, but that may have been on purpose. I loved the level changes as well, I was surprised to see lifts. The outfits were eye attracting. For example, the skirts are one of the first things that caught my eye and really drew me into the dancers. At some points in the first dance the …show more content…
As her movements expressed emotion so did her face. I liked the use of her shirt as a prop, very creative. After her performance, slow dark emotional music filled the auditorium. The entrance was very dramatic, but I enjoyed it. The movements were slow as the included walking and slow motion gestures. Even know the movements were slow I found it hard to keep my eyes just on one dancer as they moved in unity, but they individually seemed to produce a different kind of energy from their body. The timing was great as well as the sharp movements they made which they were almost always all together. As the next dance got underway a nice beat/rhyme followed as the dancers came out and danced along with the beat. The music choice was great and the movements of the dancer were very prodigious too. One thing that I noticed that I really enjoyed were the use of toe points performed by the dancers. The next performance wasn’t one I found truly enjoyable. The music was great, but I did not like the movements as you could see through the dancer’s movements there was a bit of a struggle in the …show more content…
The dancers tapped along the stage as they seemed to have touched each part of the stage throughout the performance which I thought was nice. The backup dancers seemed as fillers though as they did not seem to do much as the main dancers whom were in front but it did make the performance much bigger. The next performance was much slower than the rest. I was very shocked by the tape over the mouths, very unexpected by it, but it seemed to have fit perfectly with the setting and I did not mind it at all. What was very pleasing to see was the girl come and take the tape off the other performer’s mouth, as she did this the music became faster and more upbeat which was very nice to see. This was maybe one of my favorite performances from the show all together. Later, came strong explosive movements from the dancer as they seemed to be expressing an emotion or story that I quite could not understand. The dancers used great use of their body as they expanded and they really reached out far as if they were trying to grab something out within the stands. Throughout the dance the movements were very clean and kept well

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