Essay On Liberal Education

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Liberal Education Liberal Education involves using previous knowledge from course work involving behavioral, biological, and natural sciences to better understand different situations and provide rationale for the best nursing practice. When I began nursing school, I had no real understanding of what it truly meant to be a nurse. I only had the knowledge base that was learned in the classroom and during skill lab. After my first clinical, I developed basic skills such as: bed-making, assisting patient’s with feeding, taking vital signs, monitoring intake and output, and assisting patient’s with activities of daily living. After completing this clinical, I obtained a job working as a certified nurse’s assistant. Working as a certified nurse’s …show more content…
Communication is an essential part in health care. New nurses struggle with low levels of self-confidence and find it intimidating to interact and communicate with physicians and nurses with more experience (Duchscher, 2009). This is something that I struggled with tremendously. Communication is something that I have learned and continuously develop throughout my nursing school experience. When I first began partnership, I was terrified of communicating with anyone that worked at York Hospital. I was afraid that I would say something wrong and embarrass myself. When I would give report to other nurses I would be shaking, and sweating and I could hear my voice cracking. After a few times of giving report that began to change. Now, although I still have a long way to go, I am much more comfortable communicating with other nurses, and even doctors. Communication has the potential of making the difference in the outcome of each patient. Effective communication is essential in delivering quality health

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