Reflection Paper On Judaism And Christianity

Judaism and Christianity This week I am very happy to be reacting to the religions I feel most comfortable talking and holding discussions about. Due to my past education and personal experience with these religions, I felt it was much easier to form an opinion based on the readings and notes. There are so many important aspects to these religions and so much detail within them that could be focused on. I want to begin by answering the question talking about challenges with my own spirituality. When we were discussing the topic of Jesus being the son of God, one argument that I kept seeing pop up among the other forum posts was that “Jesus is the son of God because he was born of the Virgin Mary.” I have always believed that Jesus was born of a virgin, this is why he is the son of God; however, when someone is trying to make a solid argument I do not see this fact as a good argument. I have never questioned my own faith and I still do not, but if I was trying to explain this …show more content…
I think that most, if not all Christian religions, see Jesus as being an important person in history. The problem with this though is that each branch of Christianity sees his importance differently. There is no denying that Jesus actually existed, but what is argued is whether or not he is who he claimed to be. The way I see it is that Jesus was so full of information and good word, he wandered around preaching about God and his will. Now unless Jesus was some crazy person with a strong imagination and great public speaking skills, I think he gained his word and knowledge from God his father. I believe God spoke through Jesus to share the importance of believing in him. In the bible there are many occurrences of God speaking to people in many ways, so there is no doubt to me Jesus was his son and that God chose him to be probably one of the most important people in religious

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