Reflection Paper On Initial Reflection

1096 Words Dec 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Initial Reflection In my draft I was most successful in explaining each of my literacy events and connecting them to my theme. I focused on really explaining each event to make sure I was including all of the details but also so that the reader was able to understand how my literacy was formed. In the first paragraph where I discussed how I learned to read, I was going in depth with the details on how it shaped me and how it was really significant to my reading. I think I also did really well with connecting it to the Fishman quote that I used. I wasn’t really happy with my introduction or my final paragraph because I think they aren’t as specific as I would like them to be. The introduction had too much fluff and I would take it out if I was revising it. I also feel as if my conclusion was just kind of thrown in there and not as developed as I wish it was. I would try and change it by connecting some of the points I mentioned in my second to last paragraph to the points I had in my conclusion. The readings definitely helped me complete this task because they provided me with examples and concepts to draw from, especially since these topics were new to me. The process works also helped because I felt as If It was preparing me to write the essay. Each week we would have to expand more on our literacy and our events so as I started to write my essay I was more comfortable with what I had to write about. I definitely used my process works as a guide whenever I would get off…

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