Reflection Paper On Gay Marriage

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GAY, umm, that word was overused last week, I believe.

As many of you know, by now, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all fifty states and some of the conservatives are already planning on moving North, to Canada and some South, to Mexico, disregarding the fact that both countries legalized gay marriage way before the U.S. did--really? Yes, that 's what I thought, gaps and everything, but it seems Mexico is not as homophobic as its macho persona or rather stereotype seems to picture it.

I don 't know about other states, but in New York the joy was overwhelming. People cheering, talking about it, and celebrating it loud and proud. And now that I 've come to think so, like my friend Carrie Wong express it on Facebook,
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Heterosexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals, transgender people all rejoicing and glowing over the news. People switching their profile picture with a rainbow layer on top. I unacknowledged the grand support that exists out there unto LGBT community. My heart and soul soared, and throughout the day I felt as if I had conquered something as well. In fact, it is a step further for me, since I am gay, but hardly ever do I feel part of the LGBT community. Thus, to feel that inner happiness, sense of belonging somewhere, and peace in my heart felt tremendously …show more content…
I 've been thinking there are about three or maybe four stories I 'd like to pen before going to college. I just don 't know if I 'll be able to continue persuading all the tasks that I ought to do. Read the books I desire before heading to college and having absolutely no time to read for pleasure, read my weekly magazine Entertainment Weekly, write stories, work, and write blog. On top of that pack and take care of mother after her surgery However, I do desire to conclude my blog with the right foot, thus I will persist. Yes... I know I am on the verge of finalizing, so stop the grudging. The story, which I submitted to two publications, is titled Between the Fall and the Rise. It inspired me to write it after I hear the word "seat-filler," a couple of days ago, then I remembered the seat-fillers that you notice all the time at the Academy Awards ceremonies. I wrote about a young woman, Catherine, who has a job as seat-filler at the Academy Awards ceremony, but she 's terribly late after passing out by exceeding on her drinking. She 's twenty-six and a struggling actress, who 's mother scolds her all the time for not having her feet well set on Earth. There are some idiosyncratic events that occur afterwards that will shock the reader. It 's more of comedy, rather than a drama and it 's a short-short story. Now, I 'm penning a story based on my experience being a miserable tour guide that I was when Tatiana visited us just fifteen days

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