Reflection Paper On Feminism

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My View on Feminism and Women’s Studies
My conceptions of feminism and Women’s Studies have not changed from what I thought before taking this class. I have always thought feminism was about empowering women to where they become as equal as men in society. The teacher’s mission in this class is to have the students learn about gender, inequality in gender and how to change these inequalities. A goal by the end of the class that I have applied to my life is beginning to critically think about feminism and inequality of gender in my own life. Two issues that I have learned about more was the confusing definition between sex and gender, the pressures of society making gender stereotypes and the troubles of gays with marriage and adoption.
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There were three main waves of change that happened in these different generations. The first wave was just fighting for political individuality. In the second wave, woman fought for the right for information relating to the workplace, sexuality and family. The third and most impressive in my eyes is where the "Women 's movement and civil rights movement, struggled for the rights of people of color, women, poor, gay and lesbians... and fought to transform society through laws and policies as well as changes in attitudes and consciousness" (Shaw). Feminism was created during and after the woman’s movement. The third wave is still happening today and it is a dream of mine where gays, lesbians and travesties can walk the streets without having any disapproving glances at. Although gay marriage is being accepted now in many states, there are still pastors and marriage license places that refuse to corporate with these …show more content…
I thought that these words were the same in definition, but I was wrong. The distinction between sex and gender is that gender is defined as the differences in personality or behavior and sex is defined as the physical differences. Sex is being male and female, and gender is being masculine and feminine (Nobelius 2004). The problem with this misconception is that society and the media uses sex and gender to produce stereotypes and norms. The media hammered thoughts of how a certain sex should behave and created the different views on gender. The color pink is for girls and blue is for boys and men work, where women should stay at home. Reading and writing about this issue has changed my view on how sex’s should act and how parents shape the way a child goes about creating their own view of gender. The definition of gender socialization or gender acquisition is “the process of learning the social expectations and attitudes associated with one 's sex”

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