Reflection Paper On Feedback

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What feedback have you received from your supervisor and how have you received this feedback?
During my placement I have received minimal feedback. This is practically because we are only shadowing therapists and therefore are not evaluated on a lot of our hard skills. In contrast, I have received some feedback on my communication skills. Both therapists at the clinic expressed that I ask very intelligent questions and am very respectful of the clients. They also expressed their appreciation towards how I withhold my questions until after the client has left. Originally they had thought I did not have any questions, however, when I told them my reasoning behind waiting they were very thankful. I was also told that I have good attention to
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I like to listen to the reaction of others while also determining the conflict 's impact on me and if it is my place to take action. During my practicum I was able to observe a conflict between a coaching staff and the therapists. After this disagreement I sat amongst therapists as they talked about their feelings towards the situation. It would be easy for me to step in and agree with what they were saying, but the real question was if it was my place to say anything at all. This type of situation did not require any action on my behalf and by adding unnecessary remarks I could have stepped outside of my scope as a practicum student. Although I was not exposed to many conflicts, I did learn that several conflicts within Athletic Therapy can be avoided with proper organization and clear communication. By doing so, I can look to prevent conflicts instead of having to create a plan for when they appear. This practicum has taught me to evaluate each challenge and conflict as they arise, decide if an action is required and they create a plan for dealing with …show more content…
Can you identify any areas for improvement?
As stated in question 5, I believe I still can improve my communication skills. The area that is limiting my ability to communicate effectively is my confidence. I feel like just before I am about to ask a question, whether it be to my supervisor, course instructor or client, I start to get anxious and tense up. I also think I need to work on talking louder and more clearly as I have been told that I have a quiet voice. This is something I will try to consciously think about over the remainder of my practicum.

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