Reflection Paper On Family Abuse

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Learning Assessment Reflection Paper #1
Based on your personal and professional experiences to date, what do you believe are the primary reasons for or causes of family members committing acts of violence against another family member? In other words, why do people hurt the ones they love? I have been a law enforcement officer for nearly twenty years. During that period of time I have investigated everything from misdemeanor domestic battery cases to domestic related homicide. In addition, I have worked egregious child abuse investigations and having worked my whole career in Florida, I have seen many elder abuse cases as well. For me, the worst to process emotionally are the intentional affliction of injuries against children. Too many
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In these cases, my experience leads me to conclude that the majority of these cases are caused through frustration. In many cases, parents in child abuse cases or children in elder abuse cases do not know how to effectively handle the stress that comes from children acting out or causing disruptions in the home. Likewise, adult children handling the day to day affairs of their elder parents can easily be overwhelmed by deteriorating health situations or other sudden onset lifestyle changes that require children to become the caretaker of the parents. This can quickly deteriorate to adults failing to take the necessary steps to provide adequately for their aging …show more content…
As I indicated earlier, I believe this violence is a learned behavior and is prevalent in those who do not handle stress well. My experience has been that individuals who are quick to resort to force inside the home during stressful situations or because that is what they know, are more likely to commit violence acts outside of home. If you learned to solve family issues with your fists, you likely learned to solve other conflicts with your fists as well. This type of mentality is prevalent amongst those that I have contacted and arrested over the years.

For the final project or paper of this course, you will be asked to focus on one of the 3 types of family violence: child abuse, elder abuse, or intimate partner abuse. Which is your preference to pursue further and why? I will likely focus my project on child abuse. The reason I am leaning towards this topic is because in my career, these types of cases are the most memorable to me. I have seen intentional violence perpetrated against children that I will remember until the day I die. If I can gain some education or resources through the course that can help me in this area of my career, it would be

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