Reflective Essay On Ewrt 211

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Reflective essay Writing was very hard for me. There were many mistakes I made before 211, but now I feel much more comfortable writing my essay and I will be successful in Ewrt 211.
Before 211, I was a writer that didn’t understand much about writing and I often made my reader confuse. Every time I had to write an essay about something for the class, I didn’t know how to organize my ideas and I didn’t know how to put them together. I jumped into writing without second thought and wrote what was on my mind. Sometime, that made my essay hard to understand and easily confuse the reader. I didn’t have much knowledge on how to write an essay at that time. My bodies paragraph had the information that I needed, but It wasn’t good. Because I mold my ideas into the sentences without proper thought out or any pre writing. My essay didn’t have good structure and flow, so it was hard to understand.
Since I go into 211, I learned so many good lessons that help me improve to become a better writer. I learned that writing is not just about the thought, but I also have to organize my ideas to match my topic sentence and other bodies paragraph. This way my essay won’t talk about the same thing over again and again. The essay became
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There are some weakness that I want to improve more when I go to English 1A. The most improvement this is to become a better, I want to write good essays without having an vocabulary problem. Grammar is also not my strong point, I will read more books on my own time to improve my grammar and vocabulary. I know, I have to participate more in class to improve my knowledge and share my thought with everyone. I think participation is very important, I got new ideas every time I talked with other students in class. So overall, I want to write a better and bigger essays, and improve on grammar. I also want my vocabulary become richer, but I can do that on my own

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