Dm Reflection

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I wanted to take this class for multiple reasons, the first being, I find addiction/substance disorders very fascinating, and second, I suffer from what I consider my own addiction. I don’t drink, use drugs, or gamble. However I have suffered from binge eating for as long as I can remember. I know that food disorders are often a controversial topic because of how they can affect the brain and how they are overcome. However, I think of addiction as a filler for emotional satisfaction. I abuse food for many reasons such as, sense of security, control, or a tool to silence all feelings. Yet the fulfillment is short lived and often leads to greater self-disgust and causes the cycle to repeat itself. When reading the DSM changes, requirement for diagnosis of binge eating disorder has changed from at least twice …show more content…
As evening falls I begin the craving and wanting routine but I find a solid distraction in homework. To my surprise, day eight through day eleven, I have had a complete change in my mindset and thought patterns. I have not eaten chocolate and I have not had a complete binge session. I am eating food, it’s oddly that simple. I have tried to stop labeling my food as good or bad in order to prevent to guilt and urges to eat because of my feelings. It is simply food that I am eating and I move on with my day. This may seem like such a normal thing or relationship to have with what one eats, yet this is a very foreign concept to me. Day twelve, up to the present day today, I have tried to continue this mindset. My distress level is a quite two and sometimes even as low as a one. I have begun trying to make those “good” choices over the “bad”, and keep myself in a caloric deficit but if I make a mistake I am trying so hard to make sure that doesn’t cause me to completely fall off the wagon again. I am working on accepting it and moving

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