Reflection Paper On Earth 's Life

900 Words Oct 13th, 2016 4 Pages
As I am waiting to get back to Earth I think about all of the stuff that has happened. Will my bones be okay? Will I actually see Nana? I guess I don’t really know until I get to Earth. I then ponder about my parents. I wonder if they will be worried, or maybe they don’t notice because of their stupid Mars research. At least on Earth they have water. I hope I can see Nana again, and I hope she is okay. I’m satisfied that I’m going home but, I am also very concerned about my bones. We all have to take risks sometimes right? Like my dad said, “You just have to hope.” I then realized that Earth was getting closer, closer, and closer. I was on cloud nine. I could hopefully see Nana again and go home! When I landed on Earth I took a deep breath, and left the spaceship.
I then realized something was wrong. “Oh no” I said, I’m in Hawaii! This is not good at all! Now I can’t see Nana! Well on the bright side, the scenery is nice in Hawaii. I saw tropical green trees and looked at the misty blue ocean. I could then feel the soft and smooth sand when I walked out of the ship. I saw little kids building sand castles and scavenging for sea shells. They looked like they were having a blast. Then with the corner of my eye I saw a hospital. A hospital that maybe Nana is in? It was a very low chance she was in there, but you never know. As I was walking to the hospital my legs began shaking like an earthquake. “Oh no” I thought, “This is isn’t good!” I then began sprinting to the hospital…

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