Reflection Paper On Divorce

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During the interview with Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser, it was very evident that they loved each other very much and had a strong marriage. Throughout their entire interview they discussed several aspects of their lives, but the one that caught my attention was their long lasting marriage. As I sat there and listened to their life stories, I observed first hand the love they had for each other when they talked. Back in time when Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser got married, it was viewed as a very sacred commitment. Commitment was the theme each of them kept coming back to when they were discussing their marriage. Commitment overtime though, has lost its sense of meaning and does not have quite the powerful impact as it use to. For this couple, commitment …show more content…
In today’s society there are few marriages that lasts this long that will not end up in a divorce. It is important to understand the era in which these two individuals were born into and how things have drastically changed since then because this ultimately impacts their marriage and them as individuals. There are several things that influenced both Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser and these will be discussed throughout this paper.
As marriage seemed to be the main theme of their interview, I also believe this had an enormous impact on their long-term health, happiness, and wellbeing. It was obvious these individuals were very old and struggled by doing simple tasks of mobility. During the interview, Mrs. Kaiser had stated that she still loves to cook, but as she continually ages it proves to become an even harder task for her to complete on her own. She described when she cooks that she can’t always see how much that she is measuring so that’s when Mr. Kaiser will measure the things for her. It is simple small things like that this couple will do together to make each other’s lives a little bit easy because all they have is one another. I was amazed at the fact at ninety-eight and one hundred years old this couple lives on their own and without any
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I believe these are all equally important and have helped this couple have a long lasting marriage overtime. These are simple things that every couple can do that will better their relationship or marriage. Commitment was one thing both Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser stressed throughout their entire interview so I believe this is the most important component. To make a marriage work each person needs to be fully committed to each other no matter what happens. This is something most people in today’s society lack because they are not fully committed to their partner and overtime this will cause the couple problems. Hopefully, partners can attend to problems prior to marriage or at least become aware of them. They should also recognize that effort is required to succeed in marriage and agree not to seek out alternative partners once the going gets tough (Campbell & Wright 2010). Along with commitment, trust is another thing that is very important to have in a marriage. Without trust, it will be hard for the couple to remain faithful to each other and to the relationship. Mrs. Kaiser in the interview mentioned a story that happened along time ago that had to do with trust. She said one day she received a call from the school Mr. Kaiser was working at and a lady claimed that he was flirting with

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