Live Dance Performance Analysis

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Live Dance Performance Critique The performance that I went to see was Elevate at Lipscomb University. The show consisted of twelve different pieces choreographed by Maggie Pelton, Kari Smith, Tosha Pendergrass, Leigh Anne Ervin, and Curtis Reed. The performance showcased students who weren’t not necessarily even studying dance. I found that extremely surprising that Lipscomb even offered a program that allowed dancers to get involved. By doing sol, the talent was very diverse and defiantly brought an interesting dynamic. I was very thrown off when I first arrived at the show. I have always attended shows that were in auditoriums and theater seating. Elevate was in a theater when there were tables you sat at and a big stage …show more content…
The only props I really recall involved brooms and “working” like things in royals to show the bad times. It helped give a good visual for the dance to show the audience a hard working lifestyle. The sections didn’t really relate well because they weren’t supposed to. Since this was more a showcase with a wide range of styles each dance to really flow into the next. You could have a sad slow dance and then the next one was an upbeat hip hop. So in that regard it was kind of sporadic. Since there were twelve pieces there wasn’t really a beginning, middle and an end. They were all very unique but I don’t think it was intended to flow from one piece to the …show more content…
I wouldn’t really say that every dance made an outstanding impression on me from the beginning. Royals I enjoyed the costuming and use of props. Steam Heat I enjoyed how the choreography used the costumes (hats) as a part of the dance. I also enjoyed the music because it made me reflect back on my competition days. Fighter I enjoyed the power in the movement and how the lighting made the dance so much more impactful. Tribal Warning I noticed the African movement and use of costuming. The costumes greatly showcased a earthier feeling to the piece. Atlantic City definitely caught me off guard. They were wearing long tutus but were dancing to a country song. That was something I had never seen before and thought was very unusual. Metamorphosis: An Autism Story immediately caught my eye by the girl who was dressed like a boy. The choreographer greatly showcased the child’s struggle interacting with his community. Step Off made me want to get up and dance along with the people on the stage. I enjoyed the music choices and the upbeat fun vibe the piece brought. Let it Be Me made me want to go on stage and improv. The song is actually one of my favorite songs and hit home regarding friendship and made me miss my dance friends! Shim Sham Cherie made me feel like I was watching a musical! Crazy in love surprised me with the music choice. I love the version but I was a little

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