Reflection Paper On Criminal Justice By Michael Moore

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I enjoyed watching this movie. I feel that, although Michael Moore does not give a complete picture of what all living situations are live in their country, he is able to highlight key values other countries see as basic human rights that somehow are overlooked by Americans. The biggest human right Americans overlook is the way in which we treat our prisoners, and those we define as convicts. I believe that the prison system in America is multifaceted would need to adopt a few policies other countries have already established: First the way “Correctional Officers” treat inmates, then mandatory minimum sentences, solitary confinement, and the death penalty, and lastly the loss of voting privileges to convicts.
When Moore went to Norway and visited the minimum security prison I was amazed at how the guards treated the inmates. They seemed to have a mutual respect with the inmates. They treated the inmates with dignity. They said that they did not need to carry a weapon, because they used their words. In America, we do quite
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Once the problem of the treatment of prisoners in America as sub-human stops, and the idea that inmates are humans with equal unalienable rights, the same as the “Correctional Officers” have, rehabilitation can begin to take place. Then we must abolish mandatory minimum sentences, solitary confinement, and the death penalty. I think that the system of maximum 21 year sentences and rehabilitation Norway has adopted would benefit America greatly. Finally, we should not stifle the voices of the individuals incarcerated. They, like all other minority groups deserve a voice in the government. I am slightly disappointed and completely ashamed to be a part an America who does not recognize these key values other countries see as basic human rights. I hope to be an active and loud voice in future elections, both local and

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