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Reflection Essay
I must confess that I’m most definitely not the Best Writer in the world, but I’m probably close to gold in Best Procrastinator. I haven’t completed as much, or tried as hard as I could have this semester, and now I’m paying for it. If staying up all night writing has taught me anything, it’s that you genuinely can’t expect your best work to be an assignment that you squeezed out in less than two days, although you can definitely try. I can try and tell myself that I will apply myself next semester, but chances are, I’ll probably do the exact same thing I did this semester. And for that, I’m really, truly, sorry.
As an academic writer, my strengths lie within my passions. If the topic strikes my interest, it will probably
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Creative writing is not a strong suit of mine, so staying within set boundaries makes the process of writing straightforward and uncomplicated. I can advance from Point A to Point B much easier if I’m not required to come up with the topic myself.
Project 3 has been the most frustrating project to work on. The sources were incredibly hard to find, and a great deal of them were from the 1980s and 1990s, and irrelevant to today. Writing with others has also been easy, because I’m not a remarkable writer, and letting them take the charge puts me at ease.
The biggest struggles I have encountered thus far are dealing with constructive criticism, and procrastination. For instance, I did not turn Project 2 in on time, as I didn’t care for what I had written and was embarrassed to let anyone see it. I’m slowly combatting my problem with criticism by letting those I trust review my works, and taking their comments seriously. My problem with procrastination, on the other hand, is a deadly disease. A permanent cure hasn’t been found, and it’s slowly killing me (and my grades). The only relief I receive is offering myself rewards when I complete something significant. If it is good enough, the things that need to be completed, will be executed within minutes. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen particularly

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