Reflection Paper On Column Chromatography

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Allan Lee
October 14, 2016
Chem 234
Dr. Coleman Experiment 6: Column Chromatography
Today’s experiment is Column Chromatography. This experiment is used for separating mixtures with impurities. The unknown mixture is comprised of acetylferrocene and ferrocene. Some of the mixture will be saved for Thin layer Chromatography. Petroleum ether will be the solvent for pushing and separating the unknown mixture from each other. Alumina is a solid which will be packed into the column as a catalyst for separating the unknown mixture. When both liquids are collected from test tubes, they are used as samples on thin layer chromatography to determine their polarities. Pure acetylferrocene, pure ferrocene, and a mixture of Acetylferrocene & Ferrocene are used on thin layer chromatography to determine their polarities. Three liquids are spotted on chromatography paper and placed in a closed jar of 30:1 toluene/absolute ethanol solvent mixture. The liquid is absorbed by the paper, but it is capillary action which drives all liquids in paper to move throughout. As 15 minutes pass or the paper is drenched in the ethanol solvent mixture, the paper is taken out for inspection. Finally, the polarities of 3 liquid spots are determined by the distance within the paper. If a liquid spot is pushed to the near end of the paper, it is determined less polar.

Based on Anne B Padias’ Making the connections, “Column chromatography is a separation technique based on…

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