Reflection Paper On Christian Initiation

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The Baptism as experience and encounter in my Christian initiation has helped me to think intentionally in reason and my mystical process experiencing my life, my spirituality, my surround, my ministry, and my time of Sabbath to being in balance with myself and reality. Making this analysis of my Christian initiation I reflect with this questions to understand the responsibility that I have now with myself, others, and God. Understanding the/my Baptism after 4th times baptized in my whole life, that I must be aware of the spiritual being we are, and what God expects from me as individual and member of a Christian community. Taking the time to reflect in myself helps me to provide a better service in the faith community whom surrounds us and the world, reminding us "Our work begins at home (myself)".
I grew up at church around of a strong family of Christian Leaders, Pastors and Missioners. In my last senior year, I decided to go to a Theological University to get my BA in Christian Education. At that moment I was totally desperate because my mom did not want me to go the ministerial career. At some point I prayed to God, you are very organized. I said to God: "If you want me to study theology, you will open the door and touch my mom’s heart." By spending a week my mom 's attitude changed and I started school, it was a miracle (my mom was not easy). That was an uncertain time in my life and I did not know what to do, I had to have a total dependence on God. I felt God’s…

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