Reflection Paper On Buytopia

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Working for your first co-op position is an experience filled with numerous emotions as each day is a different situation at hand. With that, the notion of your first “real job” may not be what you always expect. When I was hired by Buytopia this work term I did not expect to have such great responsibility put on to me as I imagined to have a lesser role in the company. My mind set was driven towards getting my foot through the door and determining whether business or legal studies would be a suitable career path for me to pursue. Buytopia is an e-commerce company that strives to provide the best deals at the lowest price possible as they offer a wide range of deals on local services, travel, and goods. Not only does it create a desirable
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For example, whenever a customer has a question regarding any of the deals we offer, or following up on their status of delivery, it is my responsibility to provide them with a response that will satisfy their needs. Along with customer relations, I have been given the responsibility to overlook many of the shipping duties for products being shipped from our head office. With that, I ensure that each customer receives the correct order, as I package the products and assign the corresponding shipping label. Although, this may seem like a lesser role, please understand that EMERGE is responsible for thousands of customers, and they all hold a higher exception for us. Therefore, products must be shipped quickly, and efficiently. This does not only reflect positively for our image, but ensures my role as customer relations specialist is an easier task. As you can see, my job consists of many varying responsibilities as I must provide exceptional customer service, as well as balance two important roles. Luckily, we an unbelievable team of enthusiastic employees, help is always offered and never denied. As a company we work together to reach a common goal, growth. …show more content…
However, working at Buytopia has given be the opportunity to not only sharpen my preexisting skills, but develop new transferable skills that will benefit my future. For example, my problem solving skills while working at Buytopia has shown a great amount of improvement as I constantly am given a new situation to handle every day. With there being so many customers, there is always a new problem that may arise and with that, challenges me to provide an effective solution in a quick amount of time. Furthermore, having my problem solving skills become more refined has allowed for me to improve my analytical skills as well. Being able to acknowledge a situation quickly is an important role as a customer service employee must ensure that the customers satisfaction is their number one priority. Therefore, heightening my analytical skills has allowed for me to execute my role with much more efficiency. This skill will not only benefit me in future workplace environments, but allow for me to grow personally. The newly refined skill will force me to become more observant of the situation around me and allow for me to handle it much more professionally. It will allow for me to become a more effective listener as well as give me the opportunity to ask the

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