Reflection Paper On Being Competent

792 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
When I started this subject I was anxious about being competent. I never finished school, as I only went to year 9. English was my least favourite subject; however, I love to write and read. I wrote my paragraph and went to six sites that were listed in the assignment brief and waited for a response. I was nervous and thought that the programs would tell me that my writing was not good; however, it did the opposite. On Paperrater, Grammarly, Grammar Base, there was nothing wrong with my writing in five out of six sites. The writer’s diet was the last page that I visited. On that page, it told me that my text was ‘flabby’ with nouns and verbs. I wrote a second set of paragraphs because the first review identified that I am a perfectionist and with perfectionism there is little room to learn and identify areas that are difficult. Within the second paragraph I wrote I used punctuation I am unfamiliar with, words that I had limited understanding of. I wrote worrying about grammar, worrying that I lacked the basic skills to write something at a level of writing then the one I am good at. When I read through the feedback on all sites. Grammarly identified that there were a few words that were mistaken and that a couple of commas were in the wrong place. Prowriting aid identified that I had used a passive voice and nominalisations. It also pointed out that I could use simpler words to correct sentence structure. I realised that writing to a particular context has never been an…

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