Reflection Paper On Autism

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There are a variety of disorders that are on the Autism spectrum. During the interview, Lisa explained that her son Christopher is on this Autism spectrum (Kirk, Gallagher, & Coleman, 2015). Autism is, according to Kirk, Gallagher, & Coleman (2015), “a disorder that affects a child’s social development and ability to communicate and that include unusual behavioral manifestations such as repetitive motor movements”. Autism is found to be both genetic and can also be caused from the environment. When children, such as Christopher, are diagnosed with having Autism, there are several teaching strategies that educators can do to benefit both the students and their families.
One strategy that I would use on Christopher, and any other student
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Conclusion- Reflection and Discussion

This assignment has been very humbling. During this interview, I have learned a great deal about families with children who have a disability. While I have been blessed to have a healthy daughter, I know that that is not always the case. I now understand a little bit more about what those families who have a child with a disability have to go through and some of the daily struggles that they have to face. While being an educator, it is my job to ensure that all of the students in class are seen as equals and are treated fairly. It is also my job to teach all students, despite their indifferences. There are a variety of strategies that I would use in my classroom to help Christopher, who is on the spectrum of Autism, is developmentally delayed, and has a speech delay. As with any child, I would use different strategies that would best benefit the student. This means, it is up to me to create a loving learning environment so that the each student feels wanted and loved. By doing this, it will allow me to create a positive teacher-student relationship, and once I am able to get to know my students, I will be better able to assist
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First, I would use the RtI model to help him grasp educational knowledge that he may not get during a general whole group lesson. In Christopher’s specific case, I would use a Tier III RtI model. By using a Tier III model with him, it will allow me to work with him individually so that I can better accommodate his specific needs and follow his IEP. His mom indicated that it took him longer to get something right, so this one-on-one time would allow him to work as his own pace and not feel pressured by his classmates. I would also use an AAC to help Christopher with his speech delay. Using an AAC, it will allow him to work on his current speech as well as learn new vocabulary words as time goes on. While working with Christopher, I would always remember to provide his positive

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