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The live performance I attended took place at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida on November 20. This place is well known for its nightlife scene and endless entertainment options and live concerts, however this specific night something major was about to happen for all of us from the Cuban community. It was the first time that young Cuban musicians from different musical backgrounds, would come to U.S and offer a huge concert, all together on the same scenario. There was a lot of anticipation and expectation for this specific event in the Cuban community and of course I joined a group of friends and bought tickets to be part of this memorable event.
There is an assumption that Cuban musicians are not successful out of Cuba, and I am not referring to traditional musicians and Cuban music like Benny More, Celia Cruz, or Chucho
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This is why I had to go and support my country and its musicians. We were all really excited to experience this concert. There was a massive propaganda on radio and other media to promote the musicians. I couldn’t believe that more than 20 musicians could entertain us for almost 5 hours. While we were getting closer to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino we realized that was a sold out event, the line of cars was endless, I was afraid that we wouldn’t make it on time. The concert started at 8:00 pm sharp. I loved my friend selection of seat because there were so many people that if she had chosen the main section on the first floor, it would have been difficult to enjoy the music and dance without being stepped. We were on the second floor almost at the end and the seats next to us were empty so we had enough room to dance without people all over

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