Reflection Paper : Improving Therapeutic Communication

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Session 6 was conducted with our professor in her office. I stated last week in my reflection paper my concerns pertaining to our professional relationship and her well-being and our professor believed it would be beneficial to have us all meet to discuss the situation and the future of our dyads. However, the duration of this reflection will focus on my interpersonal interactions during the meeting along with incorporating the text to see if my responses align with the concepts stated in the book.
The meeting began with our professor directing our attention as to why we were called in to meet. She explained that she had thought thoroughly about the situation, but would like to hear our feedback and where we thought our relationship stood. The room was silent and I felt compelled to speak, but I felt as if I needed to refrain from speaking. The book Improving Therapeutic Communication (Hammond,, 1977) explained that “clients who lack verbal skills, or are guarded... in such instances the counselor will need to actively maintain the client’s verbalization”. I wanted to give Abbey her time to share with me how she felt. After a few short moments I decided to begin the discussion. I noted to myself that the meeting was not a facilitation but instead a shared discussion, it would be necessary for me to share how I was feeling as well. In my responses I wanted to approach her directly, I was upset with the situation and did not feel heard. Nevertheless, I tended to her…

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