Reflection Paper About Blackfish

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The Truth about Blackfish
The documentary Black fish uses many forms of documentary film making in order to imprint its message of the treatment of killer whales at SeaWorld permanently in our minds. The movie uses the whale Tilikum, who was the biggest killer whale in captivity, as an instrument to show us how killer whales are treated in the world of animal training. First portraying how the whales were unethically captured from the wild by the SeaWorld industry, and how the young were separated from their parents because they would be easier to train. While the film is extremely shocking and even hurtful to watch at times, it could be, for all intents and purposes, a propaganda film. I order to understand what would mark Blackfish as a propaganda film or an expository documentary we must look at the facts and what little evidence we may have.
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The article claims that some of the videos shown in the documentary would be the cause of many misconceptions if one was not paying full attention, for example showing videos of baby whale hunting that had not been happening at SeaWorld for over 20 years, also stating that the “experts” shown talking about whale captivity were not experts at all and where instead just animal rights activists that had tried taking them to court in the past; making their so-called claims of knowledge unfounded. SeaWorld also goes on to explain that the eyewitness accounts were falsified and were not true upon further

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