Reflection On Worship Service Reflection Essay

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Worship Service Reflection

Through out life it is very important for individuals to gain different view points, that challenge their natural beliefs. I believe that it is healthy to pose questions and gain outside knowledge on particular topics. Religion is a very soft spot for many individuals, thus it should be dealt with care and consideration.

I am not of the Christian faith, I am Muslim thus coming from a Islamic background. I thought it would be interesting to go to Catholic Church service. Growing up I have always heard about the long traditional history of the Catholics, and I noticed it had some similarities to Islam. Islam is also a religion where tradition and scripture is held as the focal point. Both religions show an immense sense of dedication as well as practice. I attended the morning Catholic Mass on Sunday at 9:00 at Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church.

This particular worship service had a strong emphasis on Ancient tradition. There was little to no singing in a large choir as one may see in a revivalist style church. The mass was held in a traditional built church, and when you entered the altar which had a numerous amount of candles as well as the cross/crucifix was the focal point on the church wall. I learned that this was called Sacramentals, all items that are used within the church. This particular church had many symbols such as crosses, candles, saints that captured the traditional Ancient style. I also noticed there was a sense of…

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