Reflection On Women In Poverty

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I attended the Women on Wednesday event on September 14, 2016 at Saint Cloud State University. “Beyond Those People: MN Women Experiencing Poverty” was a wonderful event about the poverty that many women in Minnesota face. Debra Fitzpatrick was an informative and knowledgeable presenter, and she certainly was educated on the hardships that face many women in poverty.
This presentation related closely to economic justice; it was evident that Debra was advocating on behave of all women that who are in poverty. It is evident that women in our society are oppressed against, especially regarding economics. Debra did a wonderful job providing us with numerous statistics about the economic oppression that many women face. For instance, many women in Minnesota work two to three part-time jobs to make ends meat (Fitzpatrick, 2016). This was something that I was not aware of, and I was truly disappointed about this staggering fact. I also was unaware that nearly 25% of mothers go back to work a week after labor (Fitzpatrick, 2016). This was eye-opening to me
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I am more aware of the factors that drive women into poverty. This knowledge will help me, if I ever work with women in poverty. I will be more understanding of their situations, thus empathizing with this population will be a lot easier. Being a social worker also means wanting social, economic, and political justice for all oppressed populations. I certainly would love this economic oppression that are facing women to be eliminated. There is absolutely no reason that women should still be making less than men, while doing the same job. I also am a huge advocate for single mothers, and I would love nothing more than for single mothers to have a chance to live equally in our society. Far too often single mothers are looked at as lazy, and we all know that is simply not the

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