Reflection On True Or False Equation

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Reflection on True or False Equation Routine After watching the True or False Equation Routine, I have concluded that each one of the NCTM Process Standards was met throughout the video. During the video, students used communication to explain themselves and their thought process. Students had to organize their mathematical thinking and could do this through partnered discussions and whole group discussion. The second standard that this video met was reasoning and proof. I noticed that each student could use different methods to back up their reasons. For example, Tony believed that the sentence was true because he noticed that one side stated five times fifteen while the other side contained five fifteens (True or False Equation Routine: Third Grade). This was Tony’s reasoning as to why he felt that the number sentence was balanced. The next standard, problem solving, was met because students could apply various strategies that were appropriate to use when solving the problem. For example, must of the number sentences contained addition and multiplication. I noticed that the students seemed to be able to go back and forth between the two basic operations. I also noticed the connections standard being used when a student went back and looked at the first problem to help solve the second problem (begins at 6:38). The …show more content…
In class, we have discussed the importance in creating a safe classroom environment where students will be comfortable in sharing their thoughts whether they are right or wrong. In the video, I noticed that the teacher has created a safe environment because just about every student always had their hand up willing to share their thoughts with the class. This told me that the students felt comfortable and were not afraid of what their peers might say when sharing their

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