Reflection On The Understanding Of Psychology Essay

1622 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
The first chapter was very informative in the understanding of psychology. It made me want to rethink of how I perceive myself and others. Even though I learned about scientific research and observations in school and how to apply them to science experiments. I never thought about applying this to people, but after I did this it changed how I viewed people. An example of this is when I would sit at a park and do what I would call people watching. At first glance looking at everyone they would seem to be doing the same thing. Just walking through the park, but when you look closely at each individual you would notice that they aren’t all the same. I would carefully study each individual noticing what makes them different. Then I would ask myself what brought them all here. They all couldn’t be here just to walk the park. Then I would notice a pattern to start to form. I could then start to separate everyone into groups. There would be the joggers, the person out for a stroll, someone walking their dog, and then the occasional single person trying to flirt with the others. I would then ask myself why is this person here. Occasionally I could gather information from the individual if they were willing to talk, but other times I would have to test my theory on observation alone. The results usually placed them into one of the four categories. This is the scientific method “a form of critical thinking based on careful measurement, controlled observation, and repeatable results”…

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