Reflection On The Pursuit Of Happiness

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True Happiness John 's opinion of "the pursuit of happiness" is based on his own experiences with the term "happiness" and due to those experiences, have caused him to develop these, almost biased seeming, views on happiness. As far as "the pursuit of happiness" being added to the Declaration of Independence, I don 't feel it was a harmful idea. Everyone has their own depiction of the term "happiness" and how they might pursue it. John clearly had his own feelings toward the phrase and supported them with his personal views and experiences.“To our eyes and ears, human equality and the liberty to build a happy life are extrication the cadences of the Declaration, and thus in America 's idea of itself. We are not talking about happiness in only the sense of good cheer or delight, …show more content…
Once all of life’s basic necessities are met, the rest is truly superfluous.”(Netherlands : Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2000-) In conclusion,John Barlow based what he wrote and how he viewed Happiness off of his personal experiences that made him view that happiness is toxic and Thomas Jefferson should not have included it in the Declaration of Independence.Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence as an largely after thought in 1776 and at the time he wrote the Declaration of Independence the people he was referring to when he says”We hold that all men have equal rights.” The happiness in which he wrote about pursuing in the Declaration of Independence was not for all men because there were no women rights and there were still slaves at that time.The also borrowed his ideas from John

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