Reflection On The Middle School Classroom Essay

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Written Reflection for Teaching in the Middle School Classroom
Summary of the Articles
The three required journals for this class all addressed discipline and success in middle school. Most of the concepts included in each article overlapped and complemented each other well, however, they each delved into their own information. Teaching Disaffected Middle School Students: How Dynamics Shape Student’s Experiences, seemed slightly less researched, but still included a lot of quality information. This article focused on Community Day Schools, schools for students who had been expelled from their schools, and on the three different types of teachers that taught there. The three different types of teachers were the rapport builders, the subject matter specialists, and the blamers. The article addressed the three main categories that teachers need to address (care, curriculum, and classroom management) and then focused on how the three types of teachers incorporated (or didn’t) these into their teaching styles (Kennedy, 2011)
Results and Recommendations from the 2009 National Surveys of Randomly Selected and Highly Successful Middle Level Schools was extremely data driven and focused on the results of a study comparing randomly selected and highly successful middle schools. This journal noted many differences, and a few similarities between the different school contexts and provided recommendations to schools that may not be as successful (McEwin & Greene, 2010)
The final…

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