Reflection On The Lovely Bones

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In the novel ‘The Lovely bones’ written by Alice Sebold is about a 14 year old girl named Susie Salmon who got murdered by Mr Harvey. Susie finds it hard to grasp the fact that she has died and can't go back to her family. Instead she has to watch her family go through her death and not know what happened to her. Also, Susie has to watch her murderer get another target which happens to be her sister.

I really enjoyed this book because you always want to know what would happen next to Susie or her family. The reader really made you feel like you were there. The author got you to see it from the people who cared about her perspective. For example, ‘What did dead mean, Ray wondered. It meant lost, it meant frozen, it meant gone. He knew that no one ever really looked
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It's not easy for them and just because they have other kids doesn't make it any easier for them. So, for Susie's parents, losing her killed them inside and even made their marriage rocky. For example, her mother found it too overwhelming and hard to deal with. So she left. This here shows Susie's mother having a break, it also helps others in the society today because I lot of the books and movies show the family sticking together and getting through it but this book shows the family losing it like any normal family would. It shows the struggles that they have and the determination any normal father would have to find out what happened to their child. It also shows the struggles for the rest of the children in the family because their will be this emptiness that they will have to fill but know they can't.

The novel ‘The Lovely Bones’ written by Alice Sebold, is about a 14 year old girl who got murdered by her neighbour Mr Harvey. She watched her family grow up and around her death. I found this book very interesting and think that anyone who enjoys mystery should read

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