Reflection On The Importance Of Non-Compliance With Maintenance Bundles

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As a Staff Nurse working in solid organ transplant Unit, the occurrence of central line-associated bloodstream infections seems to be rising. As non-compliance with maintenance bundles is seen to be neglected area in practice. I wish to reflect on the influence of maintenance bundles in addition of consistent and emphasizing a good hand hygiene. The joint commission (2015) emphasized the crucial of hands decontaminated immediately before and after each episodes of patient contact using the correct hand hygiene technique. According to a study that has been done by Hakko et al. (2014) with the high level of compliance it could lead to finally achieve a zero infection rate which was sustained for 38 months by auditing and maintaining compliance …show more content…
(2016) suggests that 70% alcohol-impregnated device swab was a crucial factors attributing to the sustained decrease in Central line associated bloodstream infections. This number of bacteria strain is identical with what likely would be found on the surface of a port in contact with a patient skin. Remirez et al. (2012) another study shows that there were four Central line associated bloodstream infections - related infections in intensive care unit. After the trial started there was one catheter-associated blood stream infection after implementation of curos cap with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Although, according to Pazgal et al. (2012) access and maintain central lines, variability in practice can be decreased and the process of line maintenance brought under tighter control by limiting the number of personnel team for line maintenance care considered that infections may have decreased due to a decline in central line utilization by other staff. I disagree with the idea of Pazgal due to limited staffing options. However, In such cases, retraining all nursing personnel in all aspects of the bundle and designating everyone a part of the ‘team’ may be an option to improve …show more content…
Post a trend line so nurses and physicians can see at a glance the unit 's Central line associated bloodstream infections rate and how it changes over time. Post the number of days (or weeks or months) since the unit 's last Central line associated bloodstream infections. Brewster et al. (2015) opinions by explicitly reflecting on and articulating the various roles and contributions of each party, the concordat-building process helps to foreground the contribution that each partner makes to the project and its

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