God's Role In The Tribulational Rapture

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The Antichrist will persecute the saints. Disagreement exists whether these saints include believers in Christ that enter the tribulation period, or whether these saints are “new” believers that come to faith during the tribulation. It all depends on one’s interpretation on the timing of the rapture — God’s removal of believers from the earth by a super-natural snatching away. Various theological interpretations regarding the rapture’s particular timing in regards to The Tribulation is beyond the scope of this book.
I have always favored a pre-tribulational rapture; the removing of God’s believers before the seven-year time period known as the tribulation. I will make my deductions based on that presupposition and leave it to the reader do
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2 is the Holy Spirit, in so far as The Holy Spirit presently resides in the church. When the church is raptured, the role (or dispensation) of the Holy Spirit, as introduced on the Day of Pentecost, will end. An alternative point of view is that this restraining influence is government. Rather than being dogmatic at this point, I would conclude that both views have merit, especially when considering that the word for apostasy in verse 2 Thess. 3 can mean either a spiritual or political defection/revolt. That said, I still feel the former view seems to have the best textual …show more content…
2 is one of the clearest and most descriptive passages of The Antichrist written in the whole word of God. A person will arise whose exceptional wickedness may not be initially manifest. The great evil monsters in history never reveal the depth of their evil potential until they reach the zenith of their power. This is partly due to expediency and the effect of ever increasing power; a power that stimulates the ego while feeding the never satisfied hunger of pride. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. After God removes the Restrainer, the ladder of power will quickly loosen the leash of this tyrannical monster until that fateful day when he invites Satan himself to make his abode within him. Unless those coming days are cut short, no life would survive. (Matt

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