Reflection On The 95 Theses

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The 95 theses were just 95 things that Martin Luther didn’t like about the church. Martin became a teacher and a believer after going from town to town one day and lighting struck hit a tree then he believed god saved him so he became a believer. I think he wrote the 95 Theses cause he was tired of the church doing what they want to do an not pleasing god like a church is suppose to do. The 95 Theses were bad things that the church did. The way coach glass explains this it seems like the catholic church of that period of time was a scam. The church shouldn’t charge people money to look at a artifact that is not even real that’s just sad. Martin Luther figured out the church was scamming the believers. The way the church believed was way wrong …show more content…
The pope was also another way the church was so wealthy. The pope would tell a person what to wear what to eat stuff that is not his decisions to be making. But if you did not do the things he told you, you would have to pay a great some of money to get to go to heaven. So as you can see the church was very wealthy but they got their money for all the wrong reasons. You shouldn’t have to pay your way into heaven if you know what I mean. I know I already said this once but it’s really important and I need more words but Luther said faith gets you to heaven not good deeds. A lot of people think if I’m a good person or if I do one good thing a day I’ll get to heaven. That’s not the case according to Luther an its what all Christians believe now you half to have a relationship with Jesus to get to heaven. See when Luther wrote the 95 Theses he posted them all over the church an exposed the church an the scam that was going on. So they kicked Luther out of the church so that he could not teach anymore. So after that he went in hiding for a month. Then while he was away the church burned all of his stuff. So when he got back nobody would remember him. While he was away he probably did the best thing anyone could

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