Reflection On Team Project Experience

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Reflect on your team project experience. Describe how you contributed to the team, what skills you learned or improved, and what you would have done differently. Specifically, what was the most important aspect of integrated marketing communications that you learned throughout the project? Identify at least one obstacle you faced and how you (or you and your team) resolved it.
For Dr. Bell’s Promotional Mix, MKTG 132, class we were given the task of a semester long project regarding Facebook and their feature of Custom Audience. Throughout the whole semester I was given many roles and I learned of marketing and business skills that helped make our proposal successful. The various roles that I had overall team leader, researching and discovering
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The one presentation that I really liked and wish we could have came up with an idea like that is the Where Waldo group and campaign. The aspect that I really liked about this group’s project is they had a specific campaign idea and based it all around the “Find Your Waldo” which was essentially what the Custom Audience aspect of Facebook looks to do. An obstacle that we faced was our initial aspect of creating a call center for our promotion of Facebook Custom Audience. This was an obstical because we basically put all our eggs in one basket and if it failed then our whole thing would be a failure. Dr. Bell told us to look for other media outlets to supplement the call center, which we took her advice and did. Although I felt that our project was very good in our various media outlets and ways of promotion, but having the one aspect of a creative campaign and tagline would greatly help our …show more content…
The inquiry tests are tests that are based on inquiries that are generated from ads appearing in various media. These tests can be used without media outlets in Forbes Magazine, direct mail, and email marketing. With these different mediums we can easily calculate how many people inquire about the Facebook Custom Audience feature, and narrow it down to see which medium their got the information from. Recognition tests are tests that measure the impact of the ad and see if they recall or what they remember from the advertisement. The process is done by interviews and seeing if they remember seeing the ad and those who read the ad. This will be most effective in our Forbes Magazine advertisements because it can be easily traced who subscribes to the magazine and interview them about the advertisement we placed. The last measurement is the day after recall tests which is measuring the recall of a specific ad the next day. This can be used for our call centers and further see how effective they are by talking with the previously called people and see if they remember the conversation and see how effect it was. All of these tests, with the addition to the easy tests such as sales and return on investments can be very effective for our team to measure how effective our promotional programs

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