Reflection On Teaching Students With Severe Disabilities

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Right as I was given the assignment (community reach), I knew exactly what I wanted to do to complete it. For this project, I had to spend 2-3 hours with an individual with a severe disability. After hearing that, I knew whom I would spend my time with. I’ve known a set of twin with a severe disability for about threes years, so I thought I could use both of them for this project. The set of twins named, Tom and Jerry, have severe autism and are nonverbal. They are on the higher spectrum on the autism scale because they are higher functioning because of being nonverbal. The twins are going to seventeen in about a couple weeks and are currently going to a therapy day school for high school. For the activity I choose was to go to the bowling …show more content…
Since I am always up for a challenge, I was excited for this class on teaching students with severe disabilities. The first topic I learned about was strength-based thinking. Strength- based thinking is about focusing on what a student can do at a starting point, not what they cannot do. For example, if someone says “Mike cannot count past 10.” For strength-based thinking, you would say, “ Mike can count to 10.” As a future educator, I would use this term when it comes to talking to parents of children with severe disabilities. The parents don’t always want to know the negatives of their child; they want to know the positives. You can use this term when you are in a conference or an IEP meeting with parents. I would use strength-based thinking to express my students’ academic success and what else they need to improve on. Access to general curriculum and inclusion was the next topic I learned about. Every student should have the chance to be accessed to general curriculum classes. Based on their disability or the supports they need, a student could be in the general curriculum class from 100 percent of the time or selective. Selective is when they are only in the general curriculum classroom for part of the day. This is based on the support a student needs. Inclusion is another huge issue for individuals with severe disabilities. As a future educator, I want my students to have access to the general education curriculum with the support they need. Also, I want to have inclusion to be a top priority in my classroom. I would find the resources to help my students to be involved in anything they want. For example, if they want to be part of the high schools basketball team. I would find the resources and the contacts to help my student to be apart of the team. There are four parts of

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