Reflection On Teaching As A Profession Essay examples

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Reflecting on today 's classroom brings thoughts of happiness, frustration and accomplishments. Challenges faced in today 's classroom come in a wide variety. Teaching can be stressful while simultaneously rewarding. Taking the leap and beginning my Master 's Degree offers some of the same challenges and rewards as found in the classroom. Taking classes has affected my thinking in reference to myself, my students and beyond. Looking at things from a bird 's eye view; seeing the whole picture; is necessary when choosing teaching as a profession. Taking this course has offered me the opportunity to to step back and look at education as a whole beginning with all aspects of education down to the community, to the school, to my personal students and back to myself. Education is all around each and every one of us. We all have perceptions that if looked at carefully can be changed by fine tuning every aspect until it works as a well oiled machine. Overcoming these challenges when handled in the proper way can develop a meaningful teacher-student relationship. Knowing and understanding the background of students can develop these relationships also, which in turn influence better classroom management. Classroom management means to get to know the students on their level. They must know that the teacher cares for them and understands their background and home life. Ideal perceptions of influence and proximity were stable which in turn developed a stable…

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