Reflection On Teaching And Student Learning Essay

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Reflection on Teaching and Student Learning
Each day I collected data from the class and students A and B. This data allowed me to adjust my lessons to better fit the needs of the class. My original goal was broad in my lessons for students to be able to answer the essential questions from the focus wall. I had general knowledge of how to teach the content from teaching previous reading lessons over different subjects. From teaching these lessons I had a preview of how this unit would go. I had previous knowledge of that students may find writing difficult and answering questions about the week’s theme to be easy. To assess the class each day I used a formative assessment at the end of the lesson. Each of the students took the same assessment each day. I used this information collected to assess how students understood the lesson taught and how I can adjust my teaching the next day. I was able to collect the scores of each question of the entire class. Then I looked at which questions that the class as a whole missed the most and the least. This told me which areas I needed to spend more time on such as with handwriting and less time with the sight words. I noticed after the formal assessment of the pretest and day one assessment that handwriting would be difficult for the class as a whole this week. I think at this age in kindergarten handwriting skills are a difficult area for students. Many students are still learning letter recognition but also working to master…

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