Reflection On Teaching And Classroom Management Essay

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Practicum Reflection
During my education courses I had learned many different concepts, teaching strategies, and covered numerous topics involving the process of teaching. For the first time I was able to put everything I had learned into practice. My practicum was one of the best learning experiences I have experienced as a student. I learn the best when I am doing something hands on, so for me to actually be able to teach and take over the classes I was able to learn a lot. Throughout the five weeks I learned so much about teaching, being a teacher and what high school students are like from a teacher’s perspective. In my placement I tried to make note of experiences relating to the school and classroom climate, planning and evaluation, and classroom management.
Within the school the staff’s morale was quite high, I do not think I met a teacher that did not enjoy what they were doing. This means that they are bringing this positivity into their classrooms and creating an inviting environment for student learning. Specifically in the phys-ed department all the teachers got along very well and were constantly sharing ideas and course material to help one another out which I thought was great.
Being in a phys-ed class there is a different classroom climate than it would be in any other subject. There is often a sense of competition involved with phys-ed and with that it can lead to individuals being left out or put down. In my placement I learned the importance of…

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