Spring Awakening Informative Speech

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1.) Sex is something everyone seems to have trouble talking about. A lot if kept quiet until reaching a certain age. Still once reaching an age to understand sex is seen in a mysterious way. There is good parts and bad parts. Many dangerous things come along with the responsibility. It is a big part of history and for what the use of a women was. In spring awakening and ruined we see the transformation of sex. We see women being “ruined” by it and we see young teens falling in love trying to figure out what sex means to them and how it should be interrupted. Is it natural, is it frightening, or is it a sweet connection between man and women?

2.) In Spring Awakening there was a scene that struck me hard. It was the scene that Martha tells all of her girlfriends
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Reflecting on Spring Awakening I feel that the function of the play was to show awareness of the shadows around puberty and sexuality in young teens. The theme of the play was to un cover what it was like In 19th century Germany to go through a sexual awakening and a tragedy at the same time. I think that Spring Awakening filled the functions of theater by entertaining, teaching, and enlightening others. We learned about how sex is portrayed and how much of a shadow was put over girls and teens when becoming pregnant, raped, or struggling. Society’s dis approval forced many young women to struggle when themselves and break families apart. I felt the overall production was amazing. At times i would cry laugh and smile. I felt that the performers inspired a change in the way we look at young boy and girls experiencing there sexuality and how we react to that. I feel that we were taught during this play to act in the opposite way when finding out a young girl is pregnant or have been raped. I learned when listen to the boys when trying to explain an awful situation. That we don 't convict before we give the chance to hear. The message of the play was loud and clear as well as an emotional roller

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