Social Work Case Study Ali

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Although there are several critical issues that would eventually need to be addressed, the primary goal for Ali in working with a social worker should be to improve her social relationships with her family and peers. It is clear that she is aware of how to form basic connections with those around her, but is unable to sustain them for long periods of time outside of the required interactions within her high school. In addition, she needs to be conscious of how to best relate to and communicate with her family members. Other matters to be looked into down the road include her anxiety over the future and overall sadness about her family’s situation. Since Ali is an overall friendly person and has a desire to succeed, using a strengths-based …show more content…
First, I would highly recommend going over the different extracurricular activities available to join at her high school. This would be the easiest way for her to meet other students with the same interests as her and she could form relationships outside of the classroom. In addition, I I certainly feel Ali and her biological father would reap great benefits by attending weekly meetings with a social worker to better facilitate their communications. Right now, it appears that they are unable to have a true father-daughter bond and merely just occupy the same home. Therefore, a social worker would be of great help to them in carving out parts of their week to spend together doing activities they are mutually interested in to better their relationship. Next, I would suggest developing strategies for Ali to reach out to her biological mother, Carol. I am currently unaware of how she was attempting to go about this previously, but there may be better methods to attempt to restore the relationship. Also, she should be conscious of some of the negative comments she makes around Larry regarding her mother because they clearly adversely affect him. Finally, because she lacks a stable adult figure in her life, perhaps Ali would be able to reach out to a close teacher or neighbor to have as a role model. This is very important for teenage girls to have because of the negative influences constantly …show more content…
Although there are some obstacles in her path currently, working with one or multiple social workers will most likely have a positive impact on her life. The main concern is her difficulty in forming close social relationships with those around her, but I am nearly confident she can improve on this based on her willingness to see a case manager. By doing this, Ali will have a larger support system and her anxiety should also

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