Reflection On Social Work Experience

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Working at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy at Cisneros site, has been such a positive experience. Since the first day I went to the site, I felt welcomed and acknowledged by my field instructor. As a result, I knew from that moment that I would be given the opportunity to grow professionally as a social worker and would learn therapeutic skills that I am still unfamiliar.
¥ Problems/Challenges at the field placement
Since day one in my field placements, I have yet not experience any problems on the site. On the contrary, my field instructor has been very supportive and has been providing me guidance on the process of completing clinical documentations. Hearing her say, “You all will be fine”, makes me feel supported, therefore, at the time
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Moreover, I too have asked the field instructor for assistance when unclear of procedure followed when GIRP note writing due to now having two notes due. Finally, since this is my first week, there has not been a lot of questions regarding things I want or need to know. In this process, I feel confident as I know that when questions do arise, I will ask for assistance.
• Reflect on feedback given from other staff in field placement
As an Intern I am barely getting familiar with the field placement, therefore, there has been no feedback from other staff. This week has been a week of gaining knowledge on cases we have been assigned, therefore, feel happy I now have cases assigned.
¥ Ask for help if you are having difficulty. What kind of help do you need?
To conclude, my experiences at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy has been a positive experience since the first day and feel that there has been no need for me to ask for help on any difficulties. I feel that I am still in the process of becoming familiar with the site, therefore, within a few weeks I will be more conscious of the kind of help I will need. I feel confident that during this year I will grow as social worker professionally and feel excited for this new

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