Essay on Reflection On Service Learning Experience

1399 Words Nov 30th, 2015 null Page
Service Learning Reflection Through my service learning experience in libs 3000 I have had the opportunity to learn invaluable classroom techniques and procedures that could only be learned through observation and practice. The service learning experience also offers future teachers a crucial resource to becoming good teachers. Additionally this experience allows those volunteering to see a different perspective on what teaching entails and if it is truly the path they will continue to follow. By observing a highly experienced master teacher I was afforded the ability to learn many techniques to help management, motivation, assessment, and diversity. Good classroom management is the foundation for any productive classroom. Classroom management is also one of the most difficult processes to master because the same process will not work for everyone. This is something that became highly apparent through observation and participation in the classroom. In one classroom when students became unfocused a quick change of seating arrangements could easily bring focus back into the classroom. While in a different classroom taught by the same master teacher this method made no impact and students continued to behave as they were before the change. In this classroom an alternative method had to be taken in order to settle the classroom down. This observation made it clear that a teacher must have an endless amount of techniques to manage the classroom effectively. Additionally in…

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