Reflection On Self Assessment

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It is important to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses that I possess to make a complete self-assessment and to examine the skills, experience, and qualifications that I should gain in order to achieve my goal in my career path. The student is responsible for their own success in the learning process. They should be actively involved in the learning process. The first step is to make a realistic overview of where I am now, where I am headed in the future, and what roadblocks I’m going to face along the way.

I started thinking about the completion of my degree at a university; in my childhood I had already started thinking about my future career, however, I was not sure that I’d be able to or be allowed to work in the field of marine biology due to my current age. In particular, I want to work as a marine biologist who specializes in the ecology and sonar research of wild killer whales. After the completion of my associate's degree, after two and a half years, I applied and was successful at entering the University of West Florida.

I was successful at becoming a student at the University of West Florida, or UWF. However, my path lead me away from the university and since becoming a student I’ve never set foot on the campus. I
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I recently received a 4,000 USD Pell Grant that I can only use for the payment of classes at UWF if I go full-time. A full-time semester at UWF consists of five or more classes at a time. I estimate it will take me a year to a year and a half to completely finish my bachelor's degree in marine biology if all goes according to plan. But like anywhere whether can be a problem. Florida is known for their hurricane seasons and Pensacola is located on one of the worst places that hurricanes hit, in the Gulf of Mexico. Not being able to drive can also present a factor as if a category three to five hurricane is in the area, I won’t be able to

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