Reflection On Reflective Thinking Exercise Essay

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Reflective Thinking Exercise
When answering the question about if the educational process includes both growth of learner as well as the teacher. It is in this author’s opinion that the educational process yields growth in both instructor as well as the student. There have been a few different articles that this learner has found to back up this statement. This learner will describe what Bastable (2008) describes as the educational process, learning styles and the utilization of data to show how collaborative teaching and peer mentoring can enhance the growth of both student as well as instructor.
Educational Process To begin Bastable (2008) suggest that the educational process focuses on planning and implementation of teaching based upon assessment and meeting the needs of the individual in which they are instructing. This concept is very important to not only the educational field, but the nursing field as well. As nurses we must continuously assess our patients and determine their prior knowledge basis of health-related behaviors. As stated by Bastable (2008) “The role of educator is not primarily to teach, but rather to promote learning and provide for an environment conducive to learning-that is, to create the teachable moment rather than just waiting for it to happen.” This being stated, as an educator in the nursing field one must determine how each individual learns and might need to adjust the teaching style in order for the patient to process the…

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