Reflection On Reflection And Self Evaluation Essay

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Reflection and Self Evaluation After collecting the data from the post assessment for the Magnet Unit, it is clear that students were most successful in meeting learning goal four (The student will be able to apply the special properties of magnets to move objects using a magnet). I was surprised and impressed by this data since learning goal four requires students to have a deeper understanding of magnets by combining their knowledge gained from learning goals one, two, and three to successfully meet learning goal four. One reason I believe students performed best for learning goal four is the abundance of time this learning goal was addressed indirectly and directly. Each activity and discussion used in the Magnet Unit was related to learning information that would lead to the students’ success in reaching learning goal four. This is clearly detailed in the unit overview chart found in the Design for Instruction portion of the TWS. For students to meet learning goal four, they first needed a clear understanding of magnetic and non-magnetic items and the types of materials magnets attract. (Learning Goal 2: The student will be able to compare the effects of magnets on various materials.) To provide students with a clear understanding of the effects of magnets on various materials, there were eight different activities and experiments that were conducted. Without first learning this information, students would not have been successful in meeting learning goal four.…

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