Reflection On Reading Comprehension

Summary: This chapter in the Duke and Pearson text was all about fostering the reading comprehension of students. Research has proven that despite the impacts of home environment of reading and writing comprehension. A teacher can promote comprehension in students if the student has had effective comprehension lesson for two years. This is huge. Teachers literally (and by literally I mean figuratively) have the students’ comprehension in the palms of their hands. I chose to do my reflection on this article because it had amazing information in it and I thought it was extremely helpful when understanding comprehension and teaching to promote comprehension. Reading and comprehension are the backbone of learning so it is extremely important. …show more content…
Teachers are effective at teaching comprehension when they utilize all of these areas in their classroom. It is also extremely important that teachers use the gradual release of responsibility model while teaching about comprehension. The first one is building disciplinary and work knowledge, which means children have to read a variety of test to increase their world knowledge and connections to the text. The next is providing exposure to a volume and range of texts. This is done when a teacher has reading and writing opportunities at all times and in a range of different mediums, such as electronic, leveled and teacher texts. Next is providing motivating texts and contexts so the children remain interested. Then a teacher must teach strategies for comprehension as well as text structures. A teacher must also engage children in discussions about reading and writing so they develop meaning from the text. Teachers so pay close attentions to building vocabulary and language knowledge because reading build upon previously learned vocabulary. It’s important to be interdisciplinary with reading and writing because they are synergistic and develop from one another. Teachers must observe and assess in order to figure out the needs of her students and then differentiate the lesson to accommodate all needs. In order to do this, it is recommended that a teacher groups students according to …show more content…
This immediately reminded me of scaffolding. Which then reminded me of Vygotsky and Zone of Proximal Development. All of these are super important to include in the classroom to optimize the students growth of knowledge.
My next connection (which happened a lot throughout the text) was my connection to the edTPA. This article will be phenomenally useful to me while I complete the edTPA. I am going to print this article out and make sure I reference it in my edTPA. They explain what interdisciplinary means and WHY it works. Now we hear the term interdisciplinary a lot but none of my teacher actually explained the research and why interdisciplinary works. So I thought this article was extremely helpful.
Then I connected to the part of the chapter where it talked about providing lots of exposure to a volume and range of texts. The article mentions teacher created texts. I saw this in my clinicals as well as in my college classes. In one of my classes the textbook was created by my teacher. So it was cool seeing all of his hard work in a

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