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Final Presentation

I developed a power point presentation, which was my primary method of information delivery. When developing the power point presentation, I focused on what I felt my audience not only wanted but needed for information to keep their attention. In addition to using the power point presentation, I displayed a poster board and handed out a flyer/fact sheet, which was developed by the CDC on influenza vaccination. The nurse could in turn hand out this flyer to his/her patients as an educational resource to enforce information taught ("Adults 65," 2016). Finally, I brought along a copy of a Mercy discharge patient visit report so I could show the nurses how hospital vaccine administration now carries over onto the hospital
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I had them seated at a long rectangular table in a well lit room, facing me. The room was quiet and free from distractions. While presenting I made good eye contact, kept the information simple and easy to understand and focused on the main points, telling a few relevant stories along the way.
The evaluation step in the teaching-learning process is critical and provides valuable information. "Evaluation it the process of determining the degree to which changes in behaviors are actually taking place" (Allender, Rector & Warner, 2014, p. 378). At this point in the nursing process the nurse must identify whether the goals and objectives have or have not been met. Finally, "partially met objectives give the nurse a place to begin with the group at follow-up sessions and should not be considered a failure" (Allender, Rector & Warner, 2014, p. 378).

Evaluation of
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Most of the nurse 's questions were focused around how billing/payment worked for administering the vaccine in the patient 's home. In addition, they questioned if they were allowed to administer the vaccine to spouses of their patients, who were not active home care patients themselves. I had spoken with the Sue, the Director of Mercy Home Care, before beginning this project in order to understand what the current process was for spousal vaccination. She informed me that the nurse needed a written order and prescription from the PCP office and the patient needed to sign a consent form as they normally would do in a PCP office or clinic. What I found interesting was that this wasn 't a new process, there was just a knowledge deficit regarding the process as some of the nurses didn 't even know the process

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