Reflective Essay: I Am Not The Best Writer

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Knowing that I was going to take this course I was extremely nervous and unexcited. I have always been told that I am not the best writer. Putting my work out there for others to read was very nerve racking. I knew nothing about poetry, non-fiction, and fiction. I knew the definitions, but that was the extent of it. During the lessons throughout the semester I gained knowledge of poets such as Ezra Pound, E.E. Cummins, Frank O’Hara, and many others. During class we discussed different meanings to the signifier, which are melopoeia, phanopoeia, and logopoeia. The lecture focused on the main points of each. Learning the different ways that you can create your work was beneficial in order to use the best technique for the type of writing we want to use. At first we focused on poetry, we talked about sound, rhyme, and patterns. Moving on to fiction and non-fiction we were able to learn about the character and how they should change throughout the story. Also what tenses that could be use and what is looked for in each of the stories.
After learning about the content of the type if stories and poetry, we were then able to work on what we wants to write about. At first I
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This was nerve-racking because I believed that my writing was not good enough for people to read. During my poem I took the risk of putting my emotions out in the open when I wrote about my friend who passed away. I now get to say that this made me feel more confident about my writing. I took the criticism very well, I thought at first it would be hard, but I then realized that my fellow classmates had many good ideas on how I could improve my work. Taking what my peers wrote I was able to think differently about my writing and incorporate their ideas to make my work better. I looked at what people wrote with grammar correction, title suggestions, and content changes and I took their advice and made those

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