My Parenting Styles

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Before attending the course, I thought teaching children is easy. Since some people think that they do not need to spend much time with caring children, the responsibility of parents is only providing the basic needs for children. However, after attending lectures, I realized parenting styles may affect children in formatting personality. Thus, I would like to share my views on this topic.
I remembered after my sister was born, my life was totally different. My parents spent all the time with her and they ignored my feelings or needs. In addition, they would blame me if I hurt my sister. Since I felt my parents did not love me anymore, I expressed my true feeling to them. I said I did not want any sister and I hated her. At that moment, my
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I tended to repress all in my heart. According to Freud (Freud, 1993), this may be one of the defense mechanisms that I use when I want to express my own feelings. But if I always repress my feelings but not think of the solutions, it may induce another problem such as physical distress. Consequently, I will express my feelings to the others or just cry it out. Moreover, I will share my true feelings with my parents after learning from the course. As communication and interaction with parents are essential in a family (Michael, 2015). Parents have the responsibility to know my true feelings so as to prevent they do the same action next …show more content…
Parents play the important role in my attachment system. Since they ignored me after my sister was born and I could not get any love from them. At that stage, spending time with my friends was my only way to get love and confirmation. Moreover, my emotions will be affected by the others easily if they have some negative opinions of me. This may because I have an external locus of control (Lefcourt, 1991). I believe that I can finish the tasks because of luck or other external factors but not of my abilities. Nevertheless, I realized that there is having a theory of self-love (Fromm, n.d.). I need to give more freedom and time for myself and friends. Since everyone is unique, and I should respect my own integrity as no one is perfect. Besides, I need to treasure and live for myself, but not the others. I do not need to please the others since I have my own value. Also, I will tell myself that I can deserve better and find my true friend without

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