Essay on Reflection On My Writing Style

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No matter how many times I’ll have to write one, reflections are always difficult. They make you look at yourself and your work and dissect every good and bad aspect of it. Sometimes it’s hard because just the task of analyzing one’s own work can be tricky, but my personal biggest issue is learning how to fix what I find specifically wrong. Part of this is due to my own writing style, along with the bad habits that come with it. However, throughout this class, I have learned more about how to relay my ideas more concisely to my audience and in a more summarized form. I may not still have a lot of improvement, considering this is only a ten week long class, but the fact that I’m consciously putting an effort into improving certainly makes the difference. I’d never really thought about what type of writer I was until my Composition & Rhetoric I class last week discussed the topic. My teacher, Professor Moore, asked me what my writing process was like. I contemplated and said that I generally write what I think of off the top of my head that is factual and then revise. According to him, this makes me an expository writer. I tend to write based on fact and not feeling, though my passion - or lack thereof - for topic tends to leak into my writing anyways. I also make sure to organize my writing in a way that flows and is in a logical order. Throughout this past ten week quarter, I have been challenged frequently to think about my own values, ideologies, and biases - both in…

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